Let’s Get To Work!

Time to stand up and stand out.

Take a bold step and apply for a job with JobStreet by downloading out app! While you’re waiting for your interview you can get a job right now with Partipost’s app.

Let’s Get To Work!

Time to stand up and stand out.

Take a bold step and apply for a job with JobStreet by downloading our app!

JobStreet has over 100,000+ jobs
Everybody’s got a job to do and we’ve got a job for everybody.
Download the Partipost App to start earning in social media!

What is Partipost?

Partipost is a crowd marketing platform that allows for anyone to EARN by sharing about the brands they love! All you need is a social media account with 200 followers and you’re ready to start your Partipost journey.

How can I earn using my social media?

Any, as long as you meet the profile requirements stated in the brief! Campaigns are launched on Partipost at any given time and some of these are listed below! Click on any of them to download the app and check out the campaigns!

How can I earn using my social media?

The deliverables for the campaign can be an Instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook post, Facebook story, TikTok video and many more. It could also be a combination of platforms. All you need to do is to pick a campaign that you like, ensure you’re eligible and create content according to the requirements! Deliverables and requirements can be found within the campaign brief that’s on the Partipost app.

Is this legit?

Definitely! Partipost is a company that’s headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. We have over 700,000 Partiposters who are already earning by sharing about the brands they love and you can join them too!

Jobstreet Campaign

In Partnership with Jobstreet/SEEK, come and join our Let’s Get To Work Sign Up campaign on Partipost app and earn $3. All you have to do is sign up for a Jobstreet account, it's that simple!


Looking for ways to earn extra rewards, as well as enjoy great deals? See the plus (+) in everything with Kris+. Download the Kris+ app and earn $2 when you participate in this campaign on the Partipost app!


CapitaStar is CapitaLand’s lifestyle and rewards programme. Follow their Instagram page (@capitastarsg) to stay up to date with their latest promotions and earn $2 when you participate in this campaign on the Partipost app!

Partipost Partipals

Download the Partipost app and start referring your friends and family. Stack up your earnings every time your referrals complete a campaign!

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Are you a brand or business looking to work with influencers?

Partipost for Business

Partipost is a crowd influencer marketing platform that matches brands to influencers with the

highest brand affinity to drive authentic, word of mouth marketing. Inspired by the behavior of

consumers’ love for sharing on social media, Partipost allows influencers across all tiers, from

ones with hundreds of followers to millions of followers, to be rewarded for the content that they


A New Category of Influencers

While celebrities and Macro influencers have fans, everyday regular folks have family and friends as followers on social media. Everyday folks aka Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) aka Nano influencers have the ability to provide authentic and genuine content as they are simply, sharing about the brands they love. This is a core belief at Partipost – everyone can be an influencer. With a network of over 700,000 influencers, Partipost has the fastest growing network of influencers with the possibility of reaching more than 600 million potential consumers.

The Partipost Difference

Partipost is automating the influencer marketing process while creating a new category of influencers at the same time. Partipost allows brands to focus their resources on other priorities instead of spending time sourcing, negotiating and chasing influencers. With Partipost’s Campaign Manager and Partipost’s mobile app, it allows for influencer marketing campaigns to run with speed and at scale.

The Partipost Service

Having run over 6,000 campaigns with over 2,000 brands, Partipost is the expert in leveraging Nano influencers to meet your marketing objectives. For more information, please click on the button below and reach out to us for a free demo!

Talk To Us!

Feel free to reach out. One of our Account Representatives will gladly address any questions you may have, or schedule a demo and walkthrough. We look forward to hearing from you!